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Tolman Media New York City is a local and diverse group of talented photographers and videographers. Based in Manhattan- but located throughout the 5 boroughs and Long Island- we've shot weddings all over: stunning skyscrapers, iconic bridges, gorgeous churches, country barns, and even quaint beach-based weddings along the coast.

Our company as a whole has captured over 3000 weddings! We consider our style to be trendy yet timeless wedding imagery. We'd love to be part of your wedding, please fill out our contact form and we will text you shortly!

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Custom Package


- 1 hours of Photography

- 1 hours of Videography

- 2-3 Minute Long Video

- 75+ Fully Edited Photos

- No Watermarks

$700 for photo or video only

(most popular)

- 2 hours of Photography

- 2 hours of Videography

- 2-4 Minute Long Video

- 150-250 Fully Edited Photos

- No Watermarks

$1100 for photo or video only

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(most popular)

$1650 for photo or video only
$1800 for photo or video only
$2000 for photo or video only
$2300 for photo or video only

- 8 hours of Photography

- 8 hours of Videography

- 6-8 Minute Long Video

- 700-800 Fully Edited Photos

- No Watermarks

- 10 hours of Photography

- 10 hours of Videography

- 8-10 Minute Long Video

- 800-1000 Fully Edited Photos

- No Watermarks

- 4 hours of Photography

- 4 hours of Videography

- 3-5 Minute Long Video

- 150-250 Fully Edited Photos

- No Watermarks

- 6 hours of Photography

- 6 hours of Videography

- 6-8 Minute Long Video

- 500-600 Fully Edited Photos

- No Watermarks



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"Tolman Media will ALWAYS be my FIRST wedding photography recommendation. These guys do SUCH a good job, getting INCREDIBLE shots and recording the most TOUCHING moments, and are also so fun, easy, and friendly to work with. Tolman Media and team helped make our day as special as possible, and I'm CONFIDENT they can do the same for you."
Drew B.
"Tolman Media offered us the most amazing experience all the way around. From the amazing, seemingly too good to be true deal we received on both a photographer and videographer, to the personable and professional team they sent us, we would recommend their services to anyone and everyone who needs a wedding photographer/videographer. We are so in love with the final products!! And all of the amazing material we received arrived to us just 30 days after our wedding! That is extremely quick in comparison to independent photographers/videographers. And believe me, the content doesn’t look rushed at all. Please choose Tolman Media!!"
Ashleigh W.
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